Education and Training

Through online collaboration, Remedi offers a unique learning experience for medical professionals, allowing observation and participation in real-time surgical procedures.

A Dynamic Learning Environment

Remedi can transform the operating theatre into a virtual classroom. Through connections to experienced colleagues and observation of their methodologies, users can acquire critical knowledge and augment surgical abilities, fostering sustained professional advancement.

With Remedi, you’re able to educate yourself and stay current

– Doctor. Hal Rice


Remedi provides a portal through which users can observe the latest surgical techniques, equipping themselves with the most up to date knowledge and skills​.


Surgical observation is a mainstay of medical education. Remedi now allows any web enabled device to become a secure viewing window. This immersive experience facilitates the sharing of knowledge, providing a supplemental method for skill acquisition.

With Remedi, the world of surgical expertise is at your fingertips. Connect with medical professionals across the globe, exchange ideas, and uncover new perspectives. Together, we can provide patient care like never before.

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