Introducing Remedi. A cutting-edge solution that empowers medical professionals to collaborate during surgery like never before.

Our Mission

Remedi unites medical professionals in a shared mission: improving outcomes. By enabling collaboration and harnessing collective experience, Remedi elevates patient care and enhances surgical outcomes.

The Solution

Remedi uses advanced camera technology and low latency, secure, cloud-based infrastructure, to connect healthcare professionals worldwide during surgery, enhancing surgical skills, and improving outcomes.

Remedi in Action

Accelerate Knowledge Sharing

Medical advancements rely on the exchange of ideas and best practices. Remedi facilitates knowledge sharing among healthcare professionals, fostering innovation and leading to improved surgical techniques. Stay at the forefront of your field and contribute to the evolution of healthcare.

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A True 4G/5G Solution

Remedi was designed around the need to provide a secure communication technology, in low bandwidth environments, without the need for hospital infrastructure.

Support When
You Need It

In the high-pressure environment of surgery, timely support can make all the difference. Remedi provides secure, fast, and high-quality connections, enabling support from your trusted network.

With Remedi, you’ll never feel alone in the operating room.

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For MedTech

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