About Us

Remedi is on a mission to empower medical professionals, through cutting-edge technology to enhance collaboration, education, and patient care, while ensuring seamless integration and exceptional user experience in every operating environment.

Our Story

The idea for Remedi was born from a need to provide medical professionals with the best possible image quality during real-time collaboration.

With a heritage in developing high-quality broadcast cameras and cloud based production software, BirdDog recognized the potential for their technology to make a real-world difference by removing geographical barriers, and providing access equality for patients.

Our Technology

Remedi is powered by BirdDog’s state-of-the-art camera technology, known for delivering outstanding picture quality in the most demanding environments. By integrating BirdDog’s cameras into our platform, we ensure that every interaction on Remedi benefits from crystal-clear visuals, making it easier for medical professionals to collaborate, share knowledge, and make critical decisions during surgery.

Our Vision

At Remedi, we believe that improved patient outcomes and continued innovation are born from collaboration. Our solution aims to provide a platform where medical professionals can share their collective knowledge and experience. We are dedicated to continually improving our solution and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible through virtual surgical collaboration. 

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For Education

For MedTech

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