How it Works

Remedi is a powerful solution enabled by BirdDog’s expertise in developing high end production cameras and cloud-based video technology.

Live End


The cameras and other video sources are ready to go 24/7. Want a second set of eyes on the case? Just open the Remedi application and you’re ready to go.

For Portable Installs

Wanting the experience of a colleague during the learning curve of a new technique or product, but they can’t physically be there? Install Remedi’s portable wireless cameras when and where needed, open the Remedi application and remove the physical barrier to support.

Create Secure Connections

Enter the email address of your colleague, mentor or medical device representative and be visually notified when they are in the virtual waiting room.

Hands Off

Meet and Greet remote user. Proceed with the case, concentrating on the patient whilst the remote user sees and hears everything as though they are standing beside you.

Remote End


You have received an invite to a Remedi session. It’s time to connect. Open the email on any web enabled device with a camera and Join the Call. Meet and Greet the live user and be granted access to the case.


Immerse yourself in the meeting through control of any installed PTZ cameras or other video sources. Enjoy crystal clear two-way audio and live annotation for when words aren’t enough. Minimise the logistical barriers to professional collaboration and be there without being there.


Through shared experience, be part of enhancing surgical skills and improving patient outcomes.

Removing Technology Barriers

Remedi’s intuitive design enables connections from the operating theatre to any web enabled device including:


iOS – iPhone, iPad
MacOS – iMac, MacBook


Phone, Tablet,


Desktop, Laptop

The BirdDog Advantage

The Remedi solution uses cameras developed by BirdDog, who develop and manufacture the world’s highest quality PTZ cameras. BirdDog cameras are used by the world’s largest companies and television broadcasters globally.

By leveraging the unparalleled image quality that BirdDog cameras deliver, and the expertise in moving broadcast quality images around the world, Remedi will deliver the best image quality possible. In mission critical applications such as an operating theatre, every pixel matters, and Remedi sets the benchmark.

For Doctors

For Education

For MedTech

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